Duranium Aluminum Sliding Windows

The Duranium all-aluminum double sliding window has been highly sought-after in the industry for several decades. Featured in many homes, condominiums, apartment buildings and schools, this window offers unparalleled value.

Characteristics & Benefits

The Duranium all alluminum windows come with the following features:

  • Available in fixed or combined models
  • No obligations related to standard dimensions, dimensions based on customer preference
  • Single or double glazed, fixed window or sash
  • Series offered with insulated frames, deapth of 165 mm (6½”), 190 mm (7½”) or 216 mm (8½”)
  • Aluminum features baked acrylic enamel finish inside from outside, available in standard white (#K1285) or brown (#K7390), with the option of different finishes inside from outside
  • Maximum security via double window sashes with independent cam locking devices. Uniform pane dimensions for easy replacement in case of breakage.
  • Indirect ventilation in case of rain

Optional Features

  • High-performance glass
  • Virtually unlimited grille patterns
  • Various brickmould options
  • Available in various colours (paint or anodization), interior and exterior


    U factor1 Energy Rating1 NAFS2
Single Hung Dual Glaze 1,48 34 Class LC PG60 HS 1600 x 1000 (63 x 40)
(1) Ratings based on Cardinal IG (Dual LoE180 #2-3 + Single i89#6) (2) Harmonized North American Fenestration Standard AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/1.S.2/A440-11

Aluminum Standard Colours

Here are our aluminum standard colours. Custom colours also available. The colours shown may differ from actual colours and should only be used for project purposes.

Commercial Brown


Wood Grey




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