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Alweather Vinyl Single and Double Slider windows incorporate premium-quality characteristrics to provide a traditional look that works beautifully. The uniquely designed sash and frame offer the structural integrity and ease of handling that make Alweather the window of choice for professional installers and handy homeowners alike.

Warranty info available in our Resources section.

global Windows

  • Thermally welded corners for better performance
  • Multiple-chambered profiles for optimum thermal insulation
  • Triple Seal on the sash for maximum air and water tightness
  • 3/4" wood and 1/2" drywall returns built into frame
  • Superior spacer technology from Super Spacer® provides best condensation resistance

super spacer

  • Many Slylish grids available
  • Water evacuation is accomplished without unsightly drain caps
  • One piece 3 1/4” or 4 1/2” wide frame
  • PVC compound has a high gloss finish that minimizes dirt adherence
  • Universal brickmould (widths of 1 1/4”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 4”) with integrated siding return
  • Products are tested to national standards (in Canada CSA A440-M00, and in the USA AAMA/NWWDA 101/I.S. 2-97)
  • Windows supplied with galvanized steel installation clips that connect the window directly to the studs at the required locations makes installing windows easier and more accurate.
  • Tape glazed 7/8" insulating glass for optimum structural and insulating properties
  • Double Cam Locks on any windows over 28" offer security and comfort
  • Triple Schlegel Fin seal weather-strips located on the sash for maximum air and water tightness
  • 3 1/4" frame available with an integral 1 1/4" Brickmould and J-trim
  • Half-sized fiberglass screen with an enamelled aluminum frame, removable from the inside (full size on double slider)
  • Central interlocking system that increases air tightness as well as security against forced entry
  • Sash tilts inside to facilitate cleaning (both on double slider)
  • Concealed tilt latches improves sight lines
  • Stainless Steel constant force Omega Sash balances provide effortless sash movement and positive locking action to keep the sash in place while cleaning



  • Universal brickmould (widths of 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 4”") with integrated siding return
  • Optional 100% Sandstone PVC colour inside and out with Bronze Hardware
  • Custom painting available


White Interior/Exterior


Sandstone Interior/Exterior


  • Energy Wise Low-E Argon insulating glass. 7/8" Double or 1 1/8" Triple glazed IG’s
  • Obscure, Grey, and Bronze tint glass


Integrated Grills – Georgian Two-Tone grills. Colour on the outside and white to the inside. Pencil and Slimline grillwork in white, pewter and brass colours.




New Screen Options

The following screen options will be available:

1. PollenTEC Screen: This screen stops pollen. It has a unique construction that allows fresh air to flow through while filtering out the pollens. European testing results verified that: 100% of grass pollens, 99.71% of birch pollen, 93.1% of stringing nettle pollen, 90.9% of ragweed pollen was captured by the PollenTEC screen.

2. Clear View Screen: This screen offers enhanced visibility to maximize the view and allow for better airflow by utilizing a tighter weave and finer mesh. This also provides for better insect protection. The mesh size is 20 x 20.


3. No See Um Screen: A fine weave to keep out very small insects. The mesh provides a constant air flow, offering a more enjoyable outdoor environment. The mesh size is 20 x 14.

4. Regular. The fiberglass screen option is an anti-corrosive material that is burn-resistant and has the advantage of not denting when hit or pushed. The standard mesh is 18 x 16.

Alweather Vinyl Double Hung Windows use the most advanced PVC materials available. Along with high tech equipment, our highly skilled craftsmen have the elements to produce the extremely high quality windows required to protect homes in the harsh North Atlantic coastal climate.

Alweather Vinyl Double Hung Windows surpass the standards set by the Canadian Standards Association, and this is reflected in our unmatched warranty program. All materials are independently tested for Quality control based on Air Infiltration, Water Resistance, Uniform Load, Wind load Resistance and Product Designation and in all cases surpass the standards set for the industry.

Super Spacer®

In testing carried out by Edgetech, Super Spacer outperformed the leading spacer bar alternatives. Alweather uses only the highest quality product, and that’s why you’ll find Super Spacers in all of our thermal panes. Click here for more information on Super Spacer®.


Super Spacer

Alweather’s locking systems pass the toughest forced-entry tests, giving you increased security and peace of mind. Options are available to add laminated glass or plexi-glass. In addition, for extreme situations, stainless steel reinforcement can be added to sash profiles. We can recommend a solution to any challenging environment.
Alweather Windows & Doors are delivered with installation clips pre-installed. The clips are located exactly according to the size and design of the window. With installation clips, it is not necessary to drill installation holes into the frame of the window. The clips allow the installer to square and shim the window using the clips, thereby installing windows directly into the stud wall without compromising the integrity of the window frame.
Alweather’s installers are employees. They are trained carpenters with many years of experience and will treat your home as if it were their own. We are particularly proud of our installers and their professional manner. We think you will be very pleased too

Single Slider:

CSA A440 M00 – A2, B3, C4, F2 AAMA101 – H-R35 (69X48)

Energy Star Rating Alweather Vinyl Single Slider Windows vary from 29 to 33* * (2010 NS Building Code requirements for windows is “ = to or greater than 25”)

Double Slider:

CSA A440 M00 – A2, B3, C4, F2 AAMA101 – H-R40 (69”X48”)

Energy Star Rating Alweather Vinyl Double Slider Windows vary from 27 to 31* * (2010 NS Building Code requirements for windows is “ = to or greater than 25”)