Information to help you make a more informed windows and doors purchase

Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to warranties, we don’t think in years, we think in lifetimes. With a worry-free lifetime warranty, you’re covered for as long as you own your vinyl windows. Our lifetime warranty offers the following coverage to the original purchaser:


PVC Windows:

  Vinyl Hardware Glass
Vintage Collection Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Premium Collection Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
Prestige Collection Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime
V Series Lifetime 5 years 5 years

Hybrid Windows

PVC/Aluminum Paint Hardware Glass
20 years 10 years Limited* Lifetime 15 years

Wood Windows

Wood Hardware Glass
5 years Limited* Lifetime 15 years

* The Limited Lifetime Warranty as stated above is valid for the useful lifespan of the product based on the following digressive chart:

PVC Windows:

Years Warranty Coverage % Original Owner’s Responsibility
0 to 20 100% 0%
20 to 25 25% 75%
25 or more 10% 90%

* for all other products, see manufacturer’s website for details

In addition to our full lifetime parts warranty, we also offers you a complete One-Year Factory Workmanship Warranty which covers general workmanship and any components not addressed by our lifetime warranty.


With proper care, your purchase can last a lifetime. To clean the vinyl or the aluminum portion of your window or door, use a mild non-abrasive detergent solution with a damp cloth. Occasionally, there will be a stubborn mark on the vinyl. In such cases, cleaners like VIM or Fantastic are recommended. To ensure smooth performance of your windows and doors, spray clear silicone lubricant on all operating hardware annually.


The glass can be cleaned with any commercial window cleaner, or vinegar and water or ammonia and water. Under no circumstances should you use a plastic or metal blade or other sharp object on the glass surface. This will result in damage and in some instances will void the warranty of the LoE coating.