Steel, Fibreglass, Wood & More

The Imagine patio door has wide sashes that look like a garden door while maintaining the strength and durability of vinyl.
Odyssey Patio Doors
  • 143 mm (5 5⁄8") wooden frame, vinyl clad
  • Steel reinforcements on rails for additional strength
  • Sliding system, an exclusive concept with two adjustable 25 mm (1") wheels
  • Easy, smooth and wear-resistant operation
  • PVC covered exterior
  • Anodized aluminum sill
  • One-point lock
  • Vinyl covered interior
  • Available in triple-pane
  • Integrated aluminum blinds
  • Integrated grill options
  • Multi-point lock
  • Jamb extensions

Tested in accordance with and meets the NAFS building code requirements.

Air tightness Water proofness Wind load Breaking & entering
E3/A3 B4 C3 F2