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Alweather Fibreglass Doors offer several key benefits:

Energy-Efficiency The polyurethane core provides insulating properties that are six times greater than any wood door, and are free of chlorofluorocarbons.

Strength and Durability
High quality PVC stiles and rails protect all sides of the door from moisture, are steel-reinforced to avoid bowing, do not rot, and provide a full thermal break against even the worst weather conditions.

Genuine Oak Grain Beauty
The superior oak grain provides the warmth and feel of real wood.

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Fibreglass Doors
  • Door Skin
    Our discrete door skins are made of a high impact, compression molded, fiberglass; in addition to being corrosion free, it also resists warping, splits, bowing and cracking.

  • Genuine Oak Grain
    The superior oak grain finish provides the warm texture of real wood and the feel of authentic wood without all the disadvantages connected with natural deterioration.

  • Polyurethane Core
    The polyurethane core injected into each of our doors provides insulation six times better than wood doors. As our focus turns to enviromental friendliness, it should be noted that our formula for the polyurethane core is CFC free.

  • Fiberglass Stiles
    Fiberglass Stiles provides a full thermal break against Mother Nature's toughest weather conditions without the disadvantages of using actual wood. Our stiles are carefully chosen to match the wood grain of each door so as not to affect its natural wood appearance.

  • Wood Lock Block
    Our extended full length lock block easily accommodates today's wide selection of handle-sets snd allows for variety of locks and deadbolts.

Alweather offers a staining kit designed to stain all fibreglass doors, and all composite woodgrain surfaces, including door frames, mullions, brick mouldings, etc.

Kit Contents:

    • Staining Instruction Guide
    • Gel Stain (pint)
    • Spar Marine Varnish (quart)
    • Mineral Spirits (4oz)
    • Pair of Rubber Gloves
    • Bristle Brush (3")
    • 2 Foam Brushes (2")
    • 2 Lint Free Rags
    • 2 Stir Sticks
    • Fibreglass Sample Chip

staining kit

custom colours

Custom staining and colours available

Standard exterior paint colours

colour swatches

Pre stained door colours include:

American Walnut

American Walnut

American Walnut

Golden Oak

burnt oak

Burnt Oak

burnt oak

Rich Cherry

chestnut brown

Chestnut Brown

Make a statement with the addition of decorative glass inserts for a grand entrance. All of our Alweather Steel Doors can be fitted with a wide variety of glass inserts, grill options and sidelites to suit any style and offer the benefits of:

  • Security - tempered glass on all decorative doorglass.

  • Durability - double seal on all stained glass, sealed with Intercept on all other models.

  • Aesthetics - the colour of the stained glass space bar (interior perimeter) harmonizes with the stained glass caming.

  • Energy Savings - all our decorative doorglass comes standard with Energitech(R) glass, which includes Low E glass and Argon gas. Optional for clear glass and grills.

  • Privacy - retractable internal mini-blinds which are maintenance-free, no dusting required and privacy guaranteed.

View the full range of Novatech specialty glass inserts here

Internal Grill

Internal grill doorglass, double sealed for extra long life. Available in many sizes, shapes and grill types.

  • Steel reinforced deadbolt plates

  • Wood Lock Block
    Our extended full length lock block easily accommodates today's wide selection of handle-sets snd allows for variety of locks and deadbolts.

RSI (a measurement of heat loss and the door equivalent of the Energy Star Rating applied to windows)

Alweather Fibreglass Doors have an RSI of 2.31

2010 NS Building Code requirements for doors is "= to or greater than RSI of 0.7"

NERC U Value = 0.15