How We're Different


We Provide Firm Quotes

When we price out projects, we assess all elements of the job from materials, to time and scope of work. Our staff have the knowledge and understanding of our products to let you know exactly how much the work will cost, how long it will take and when we can begin on site. The charges you incur will be based on the quote provided, not an hourly rate like many other contractors. By pricing our jobs this way, we avoid the surprising "price creep" that sometimes occurs when the final bill is tallied. With Alweather, you can feel confident that we know our products and business well and can give you the most accurate quote possible for your particular replacement, renovation or construction project.


Nova Scotia Certificate of Recognition

Alweather Windows and Doors has received the Nova Scotia Certificate of Recognition (COR). This certificate is required for any company wishing to bid on work for the Nova Scotia provincial government, and demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe working environment, in our stores and on site, for our employees and customers. A COR audit assesses 14 elements of a company’s health and safety management system:

  • OH&S policy and management responsibilities

  • Hazard identification and control

  • Rules and safe work practices/job procedures

  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee / safety representative

  • Training and communication

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Incident / accident reporting and investigation

  • Ergonomics

  • Maintenance

  • Records and statistics

  • Specialized work permits

  • Housekeeping / work area

  • Awards and recognition

  • Health and hygiene